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Annual CSI Conf. -Dr, Pat Love presentation

Dr. Pat Love presenting “Material as a Window into Waste. ”

Annual CSI Conference Kick-off

Kicking off our annual CSI Conference this morning in Chicago

Annual CSI Conference- pre-conference dinner

Dinner, the night before our annual CSI Conference. Thanks to everyone for attending!

Daily Management is GPS for Operations

Daily Management is GPS for operations Operational excellence depends on setting an expectation, tracking progress toward that goal, and adjusting along the way. Daily Management is an operations tool for doing the same. Much like a global positioning system for a car, daily management can; set the expectation, track progress along the journey, and help […]

Taiichi Ohno

Life’s failures- Thomas Edison

Don’t Stop the Presses – and Other Critical Mistakes!

Great companies unlock incredible value by resisting the natural human instinct to never stop production. Somehow, it is in our DNA to feel better when a process is making product – no matter what. “Don’t stop the process! I don’t care what you have to do!” is the marching order to abandon the benefits of […]

Secrets to Sucess-Colin Powell

Reflection Captures The Lessons Experience Teaches

Reflection Captures the Lessons Experience Teaches Albert Einstein said “Learning is experience. Everything else is just information.” Organizations that embrace the learning from experience have the competitive advantage of efficient improvement. Great organizations use experiments and the scientific methods are their ways to identify and unlock the true value in their organization. But even in […]