Nelson Mandela

Accountability is Forward Looking

Effective operating systems have a process for assigning tasks daily based on an evaluation of the business’ performance in the past 24 hours. David Mann has an effective method – a board that has days of the month across the top and team members down the side. This forms a grid, allowing assignments to be […]

Malcom Morley

You Are Either Getting Fitter or You Are Getting Fatter

Unlocking the value in your organization requires constant energy. Probably the most poorly understood factor in change efforts is that efforts cannot stop or the system will fall apart. There is a real lack of appreciation for what is required to keep changed systems operating in good health. A swimmer who stops all activity does […]

Franklin D Roosevelt

Do You Believe in Zero Injuries?

Lean operating systems recognize the value of people and believe everyone should leave work the same way they arrived – injury free. Two powerful benefits arise from truly believing in zero injuries-the awareness to see hazards and a clear message about the value of people. The Awareness to See Hazards It is all too easy to […]

John F Kennedy

Change the Thinking—Change the Results

Lean operating systems unlock the value in business by changing the way the organization thinks. Two powerful questions arise from a well-designed operation. What was the cause, and what was the method? What Was the Cause? Almost all lean tools are based on the scientific method, which is often characterized as problem, causes, solution, action, […]

Gotthold Ephiram Lessing

Authority erodes, but influence lasts forever

“I have a dream…” – Martin Luther King Jr. Unlocking value in your organization requires a certain kind of leadership. It means stepping up and doing it yourself, not usurping authority or transferring it to someone else. A well meaning business vice president tried doing just that. “If Joe says something, it’s like me saying […]