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Thank you Jake Radish, President of Kalyn Siebert

 “Reflection may be as important as action, but is so often overlooked. This book will help your organization take the time to stop and think about time tested principles for business operations and how they are applied. This often leads to more robust actions that truly drive business value.”
Jake Radish | President, Kalyn Siebert 

Organizational Success

Who Will Do What by When?

Unlocking the value in your organization requires accountability at all levels. Like in the National Football League, everyone must do his/her job. As problems are identified, actions need to be assigned and completed. There are three critical questions that make accountability for these actions far more robust: who will do what by when? Who When […]


Learning to see…again

Mike Rother and John Shook taught us how to create a highly visual roadmap using a value stream mapping process in their popular book, Learning to See.  Their website, lean.org, describes value-stream map as a paper-and-pencil representation of every process in the material and information flow, along with key data.  World Class organizations use value […]

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Lessons from the NFL: Calling Plays in Your Operation

Unlocking the value in your operation requires a specific work design that maximizes the utilization of resources. One of the key resources is labor. Much like the positions on a football field, each person in the operation needs a special role and their efforts coordinated to produce the best outcome.   There are two reasons […]

William Arthur Wood

An Ounce of Stability is Worth a Pound of Ideal

World class organizations value stability. Reliable equipment, processes, and people comprise the foundation which allows them to reach for the ideal. The Toyota Production System “House” visualizes the ideal state as the lowest cost, highest quality, and short lead-time, but at the foundation is stability. Reliable Equipment, Processes, People, and Material Reliability allows an organization […]