Standardized Work – A Choreographed Dance Between Man and Machine

Observing well executed and well-designed standardized work is like watching a choreographed dance between man and machine. All of the same key elements apply: Content, Sequence, Timing, and Outcome. Both dance and standardized work are designed to synchronize steps in a pre-specified way which creates the impression of two entities operating as one. The music […]

Albert Einstein

Do Leaders Need Standard Work?

Unlocking the value in your organization requires an expectation for the specific work carried out by the operation. Standardized steps for checking in a guest at a hotel, renting a car to a traveler, or assembling a cell phone in production are necessary for stabilizing a business. But do the leaders need standard work? There […]

Dallara IndyCar Factory

Hydro Continuous Improvement Conference

Michael Jordan

Make Everything You Do an Experiment

Lean operating systems unlock the value in business through continuous improvement that comes from continuously learning. The flood of learning driving improvement comes from an unyielding commitment to the scientific method. Two beautiful benefits of the scientific method are: You can’t lose, you always learn, and just forming a hypothesis can sometimes bring about needed […]

Nelson Mandela

Accountability is Forward Looking

Effective operating systems have a process for assigning tasks daily based on an evaluation of the business’ performance in the past 24 hours. David Mann has an effective method – a board that has days of the month across the top and team members down the side. This forms a grid, allowing assignments to be […]

Malcom Morley