Albert Einstein

Just do it!

Unlocking the value in your operation starts with action. The best organizations don’t get held up waiting for I.T. solutions or new equipment or new superstar managers. They know that continuous improvement comes from action. Action on the shop floor or where ever the value is added. They don’t let “great” get in the way […]

Abraham Lincoln

What to Expect from Setting Expectations

Great companies unlock incredible value by simply setting expectations. The lean practitioner will tell you that the value in setting expectations is to recognize and solve problems, but there is a benefit even before solving the problems. A benefit of about a 15% improvement in performance. The 15% of improvement by setting expectations comes from […]

John F Kennedy

The Power of Duct Tape, Bubble Gum and Shoe Laces

Continuous Improvement is by definition “continuous” and most improvement requires physical change on the shop floor. Reports may need run and a few forms created, but real change that effects the bottom line takes place on the shop floor or where the value is created. Work Class organizations are relentless at pursuing these changes and […]

Abraham Linclon

What if your Improvement Team is the Problem?

World Class organizations use a team of trained improvement professionals to unlock value in their organizations. They see this group dedicated to working on the business rather than in the business. But, often when inexperienced or untrained, this team can be the problem rather than solving the problem. They create an environment that feels like […]

Warren Bennis

Cure cuts while they’re small!

Lean operating systems unlock the value in business by working hard to solve problems while they are small. They avoid the slow demise of many operations cursed with “Death by a Thousand Cuts”. It is rarely one big event that causes a good operation to slowly drift into chaos. It is more likely an endless […]