Do Leaders Need Standard Work?

Do Leaders Need Standard Work? Unlocking the value in your organization requires having an expectation for the specific work carried out by the operation. Standardized steps for checking in a guest at a hotel, renting a car to a traveler, or assembling a cell phone in production are necessary for stabilizing a business. But do the leaders […]

Strategy Is As Much About What You Will NOT Do As What You Will

Strategy is as much about what you will NOT do as what you will.   Strategies for improving operations typically are constrained by resources, making choices inevitable. Operations that have learned how to improve understand what they will not do equally as well as what they will do. What You Will Do Improvement requires a careful plan […]

Standard Work Empowers Employees

Standard Work Empowers Employees Effective operating systems have a standards-rich environment with visual controls and practical problem solving. The standards in such an environment explicitly define the sequence, content, timing, and expected outcome of a process. Many see the benefits of having everything predefined but don’t see how powerful standard work is at empowering employees […]

Change the Thinking – Change the Results

Change the Thinking—Change the Results Lean operating systems unlock the value in business by changing the way the organization thinks. Two powerful questions arise from a well-designed operation. What was the cause, and what was the method? What Was the Cause? Almost all lean tools are based on the scientific method, which is often characterized […]