Mark Twain


Most people do not choose to go into charity for the money. Most people do not join the military for the money. Most Olympians do not train and compete every 4 years to get rich. In most of these cases there is a greater purpose. A great reason for dedicating effort to the cause. World […]

Alaska Fishery Science Center

Shedding Your Shell to Grow!

A growing crab may shed its shell as many as 20 times in its life time. During the process they are the most vulnerable to predators, but it is the only way they can grow. World class organizations understand vulnerability can come with growth, but they also understand, much like the crab, that is a […]

Mother Teresa

The Case AGAINST – Just in Case

World class organizations understand the danger of actions that are taken; “just in case”. Those words actually become a red flag for operations that value science as the foundation for making decisions. Operational Excellence has several tactics for being prepared including safety stock, Failure Modes Effect Analysis, and Poke Yoke. But these tactics are based […]

Harold Geneen

The Advantage of 1×1

World class organizations define continuous improvement as a constant pursuit of the ideal. They define the ideal as safely producing, 1 x 1, defect free, on-demand with an immediate response. The idea is to supply a customer with what they need one at a time, at the highest quality, immediately when the customer asks for […]

Albert Einstein

Isolating Waste

World class organizations understand seeing waste is often the first step in eliminating it. However, seeing it does not necessarily mean it can easily be eliminated. In these instances, it is best to at least isolate it so everyone not only – CAN see it but – HAS to see it. Isolate Waste so Everyone […]