Bringing Discipline to Commercial Due Diligence

In a recent blog entitled Pay Me Now, or Pay Me Later: Getting Due Diligence Right, I stressed the importance of focusing your due diligence process disproportionately on areas that indicate future potential rather than past performance.  This is particularly true with the commercial side of the business.  To that end, I use a simple […]

Pay Me Now, or Pay Me Later – Getting Due Diligence Right

Mergers and acquisitions are the lifeblood of large corporations and PE firms, so conducting a thorough due diligence process and getting valuation right is clearly essential.   On a number of occasions over the course of my career, I was handed the keys to run newly acquired companies.  And, I can attest to the fact that […]

The Hidden Beauty of TPS

Much has been written about the vaunted Toyota Production System (TPS), so I enter this field with a degree of trepidation. But it seems to me that almost every company that has genuinely embraced TPS – rather than viewing it as a tick in the box – has enjoyed uncommon success, even in the most […]

How to go from Last to First

We Red Sox fans have a reputation for being a bit – shall we say arrogant – but I think everyone will agree that the 2013 Red Sox symbolized the grit and resilience of one of America’s great cities during one of its most difficult moments. It overshadowed the fact that the Red Sox actually had gone […]